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Entry #2

After 10 years its finished

2007-10-17 00:20:42 by moofins

Check out Siberia Simulator. With the help of National Geographic and myself you can have a one on one experience with a Siberian Snowstorm!


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2007-10-17 00:25:08

That's hilarious...


2007-10-17 00:46:09

It's very cool!

I bet the person before me doesn't know what Siberia is ^^;


2007-10-17 02:27:19

very realistic


2007-10-17 04:44:55

This is rather uuuhm... confusing, yes.

I have no Idea what your talking about, and you kinda didn't gave any info at all...

So if this is real, or some lame joke... explain or gtfo please.

Thank you in advance


2007-10-17 06:00:35

10 Years my ASS, Complete waste of time.


2007-10-17 09:51:07

Wow that guy above is a complete ass...

This was an incredible game. It was truly a pleasure for all the senses. The lush vibrant colors of Russia came to encompass my eyes entirity. The sound of the bitter, unforgiving winters chill was truly a pleasure for these old ears. The flash reached out and touched my heart in a way not even Hollywood Blockbusters have been able to. The taste of my moniter as I lay there lapping the game was of such a magnificent quality that I entered a euphoric state where white drips of joy trickled down my my precious of organs. And the smell, OH THE SMELL! Who knew such wonders to man ever did exist!


2007-10-17 10:54:59

not 10 years, still nice, but not 10 years


2007-10-17 10:56:48

lol, joking, it realluy sucks